Sunday, May 16, 2010

The New Sony Headset for iPhone & iPod

Sony's excellent for audio gadget affairs. Just look at the music player devices labeled his walkman, with musical ability that no doubt.

Japanese manufacturers are now trying to offer four headsets creations, which cater for the iPhone or any mobile device iPod Touch. Fourth headset Sony MDR-EX38iP is labeled, the DR-EX300iP, DR-and MDR-E10iP V150iP.

For now a new type of MDR-EX38iP that has begun to be marketed, while the three other types followed in this quarter. As an illustration, the fourth headset features a remote control strip, with the laying of the panel like the iPhone / iPod. With him, would facilitate access control by simply touching a finger, which is very functional even when you're jogging, commuting or even at the time was relaxing. Equipped with integrated headset microphone that will allow you to answer incoming telephone calls.

Type MDR-EX38iP

Type DR-EX300iP

Type DR-V150iP

Type MDR-E10iP

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