Sunday, May 30, 2010

Panasonic Toughbook 19

Panasonic announced a new product back to its Toughbook family, a powerful portable computer. Yes, from the initial generation Toughbook, design and capabilities of this notebook is intended for the benefit of the field and the other extreme such as in war.

For the latest model Toughbook 19, Panasonic Intel CPU processor immersed 540UM I5-1.2 GHz, with features to boost Turbo 2 GHz (Intel Hyper-Threading and Intel Virtualization technology). As we all know, this latest Intel processor is stable and efficient power to be able to give 'life' more for batteries.

Memory 2GB DDR3 congenital wear. For hard drive capacity, the Panasonic Toughbook will come in two types. One uses HDD 160GB and one 128GB SSD. Typically, for these things is an extreme type of SSD is used, considering the hard drive of this type recorded more solid, shock resistant, not easy to heat and light. But the price is definitely much more expensive than using regular HDD.

Toughbook operating system is going to be pinned Professional Windows7, the firmer and more secure for remote access connections. Still also provided access to downgrade to Windows XP.

From the material side of the notebook is put magnesium alloy casing houses plus anti-shock hard drive. Certification MIL-STD-810G has been assumed, which states that the Toughbook 19 can remain stable / flame even dropped from a height of six feet. Also, the Toughbook 19 has a IP65 certification, which states an absolute blast of dust and water resistant.

Screen size Toughbook 19 10.4-inch Panasonic Circulumin applying technology, which allows users to tamper with the screen brightness in accordance with environmental conditions, ranging from a dark place (2 nits) to below the direct sun (up to 1000 nits).

Panasonic's super notebook connectivity is fronted two USB ports, Wi-Fi b / g / n, and Bluetooth. There is also the Gobi and WiMAX will be available optionally. Bodinya weight approximately 2.31 kg, with a starting price tag of 3399 dollars.

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