Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sony Dash, Personal Internet Viewer

Sony has recently launched a product 'personal internet viewer', a sort of internet tablets. Attractive shape to the size of the internet tablet costing 200 U.S. dollars.

Dash Sony creation is a combination tablet internet and digital alarm clock, futuristic, which can be displayed beside the bed. Dash pinned capasitif 7-inch touch screen, with multi touch capabilities. Wi-Fi technology already crammed inside.

Not merely can be used as an alarm, the Dash can display weather forecasts, traffic information, news and more.

Sony Dash able to play streaming video from CBS, YouTube, and other NetFlic. In fact, can also function as a digital frame. Access Facebook even able to be accommodated, including access to GMail.

Other features of the Dash can play HD quality video (1080p), play MP3 music files, AAC and WMA. Moreover, the interests had been equipped Dash Sony stereo speakers.

In terms of dimensions, the Sony Dash enough can be brought to mobile. Weighing no more than 544 grams. Only, based on information circulating, it seems that this tablet does not have an Internet browser.

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